Terrible Twins! Wati and Keitta Conjoined for 48 Hours


Wati (Malawi) and Keitta (Ghana) have become the second pair of twins in crime that Biggie has put into conjoined outfits as punishment for their reckless smoking crimes.

Today, Big Brother called all housemates in Downville to the lounge to pass on his judgment after Wati and Keitta were caught smoking in the toilets again. I wonder whether these housemates don’t ever learn that Biggie has a bug eye that oversees his entire house!

For 48 hours, Wati and Keitta will have to wear the joint back to back outfits and are only allowed to put the attire off when they have to shower.

Remember Keitta is the only housemate with a real girlfriend ‘Mildred’ in big brother house, can you imagine how he and his girlfriend will look at each other for the next 48 hours! Can Mildred hold on to the shame and keep firm. How will they sleep through this time?  I guess you remember the days of the dirty sacks and heavy bones as punishment for vernacular in high school!

Meanwhile the rest of housemates were in for a surprise too. All of the laughter in the house came to a halt after Big Brother cautioned that should the two not finish this punishment successfully, then there would be severe consequences for all.

“Failure to comply with this will result in the removal of cigarettes from you shopping list for all housemates,” said to the sounds of gasps by Downvillers.

Big Brother had earlier given a similar punishment to Prezzo and DKB after they had a quarrel in Upville. More still, Keita and Mildred were nominated and are up for eviction this Sunday; will the duo survive this eviction?

What do you think of Big Brother’s punishment for Wati and Keitta?