Mampi Evicted From Big Brother StarGame


Sunday night, 25 year old Zambian RnB star, ’Mampi’ was evicted from the classy Big Brother Upville house.

In tense moods, Mampi was named evicted and moved out of Upville house smartly to the stage, to meet Big Brother Africa show host, I.K Osakioduwa and fans.

3 housemates had been nominated and these were Mampi, Lady May and Maneta . The 2 housemates Lady May and Maneta survived eviction.

When Mampi was asked to about who she can vote for and one housemate she thinks can win Big Brother StarGane, she said she will be voting for her girl Maneta though thinks that Zainab might take the 300,000 USD prize home, since she is so crazy!

The Sunday show kicked off with a presentation by Tanzanian Bongo Flava/hip-hop star, Diamond. An over-eager fan jumped on stage and started dancing with the singer, but was then escorted off by security. 10 seconds later, another fan jumped up on stage, and he too was taken off stage. Namibian DJ, Umculo, also performed, presenting a mix to the audience.

Big Brother host, IK, then turned to the classy Upville house. DKB was asked to stand up and tell Africa who he nominated, to which he said Lady May. Lady May quickly got up and said “I knew it!” She stood very confident while waving her flag. Mampi was a lot less confident and looked very panicky as she waved to the cameras. Lady May was told that she’s safe, which left Maneta and Mampi standing side by side.

IK told Maneta that she was safe, and at that moment, Mampi knew she was the one leaving. She gave the rest of the Housemates a hug and made her way out. Mampi then came onto the stage where she was interviewed by IK. The ex-Housemate said that she thinks Zainab has the potential to win because she’s “crazy.”

IK Osakioduwa then turned to the random Nomination machine to see which Downville Housemates get nominated. Ghana’s Keitta and Mildred were selected first. A second random Nomination was conducted, and Botswana’s Edith and Eve were selected.

We wish you well, Mampi!

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