Smirnoff Paints Mbale Red and White with “The Night”




Smirnoff, the world’s number one vodka, painted Mbale red and white on Friday, 13th April, 2013 in an exquisite display of good music, bright lights, massive sound and above all, the Smirnoff Night Life Experience.

Dubbed ‘The Night’, the Smirnoff party created what is by far the most ecstatic and memorable night life experience that has rocked Mbale Town in a long time. Held at ‘The Thatch’, the Smirnoff Night delivered not just a good party, but a great experience.

Smirnoff, which has taken the nightlife experience in Uganda to greater heights through its ‘Smirnoff Night Experiences’, treated Mbale revelers to a taste of their signature cocktail called “Black Swagger” in addition to good music and an exhilarating dance off that saw a lucky winner dance his way to 300,000 UGX prize money.

Smirnoff is about extraordinary drinks and extraordinary nights; it’s about enjoying life and having the best night of your life, while remembering that the best nights are the ones you remember. This is exactly what Mbale revelers got at the Smirnoff Night Life Party.

And with mixology gaining popularity in Uganda and more consumers seeking knowledge and skills in cocktail mixing, the party created the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the easy and quick mixability of Smirnoff Vodka.