GOtv Rewards More Subscribers with Fantastic Prizes




GOtv Uganda today rewarded more subscribers who participated in the ongoing GOtv campaign Renew and Win aimed at encouraging customers to pay subscription upfront for two months or longer on the GOtv plus bouquet and hence stand a chance to win 32 inch Samsung television sets and GOtv decoders. The campaign has been extended until 31st May 2013 in a bid to reward more subscribers who renew their subscription for prolonged periods.
GOtv Uganda Sales Team Leader George Ssemanda said “Congratulations to all our winners today, we are grateful for the support you render the GOtv brand and are excited about the ongoing relationship. We urge customers to embrace our innovative payment options with the latest being the standing order option, mobile money and payway and enter this competition”. 
Customers who walked away with Samsung television sets are Adam Hamidah, Edward Musoke, Hamza Ssenyodo and winners of GOtv decoders included Cohen Atuhura, Sylvia Kamala, Ssenabulya James, Ronald Asaba, Musa Kasimbazi, Lawrence Kamala, Ivan Kamukama, Brian Masiko Katureebe, Hannington Kayanja, Richard Irumba, Asiimwe Racheal, Livingstone Kiiza, Ivan Senkaya, John Semwenga. 
A decoder including grid antennae inclusive of 3 months subscription on the GOtv plus bouquet is currently at UGX 139,000.
Ssemanda concluded, “Spread the word of GOtv to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, everyone should be a part of the GOtv family. We boast the best picture and sound quality with unrivalled programming. Ladies and gentlemen should watch out for some football games, the new season of Big Brother (highlights) and exciting documentaries among others on GOtv”. 
The campaign concludes on 31st May 2013.


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