Seydou’s Girls Make Peace in Downville


The departure of Angolan duo (Seydou and Esperanca) now turns out to be a blessing in disguise in big brother house stargame. For three weeks now since this Africa reality TV show kicked off,  two girls in Downville house had started enmity and were turning the African Reality house into a war zone.’

Talia and Eve are said to have had a clash on Seydou, they have been passionately hating  each other, though no one ever disclosed the real cause of their hatred.

Following the voluntary exit of these Angolans from Big Brother house, on Thursday, today Eve and Talia were seen toasting and singing together, preciously.

Talia and Eve have been the main rival in Downville house that also led to a division between downstairs and upstairs Housemates.

By the look of things now, Seydou has been the cause of their enmity and fact to the fact that he left the house; today the two reconciled and had good time drinking together.

The biff between Seydou and his partner Esperanca led to a division between downstairs and upstairs Housemates. However, since the Angolans left, the two distinct camps ceased to exist and the girls are now living in harmony. They acted like school girls in the Jacuzzi as they enjoyed their alcohol.

Watch video below