MTN Uganda records more than 85% growth in Data Customers



– MTN Internet Expo moved to Gulu (Northern Uganda)

MTN Uganda customers using the Internet have increased by more than 85% in the last 12 months leading up to June 2013 , said Ernst Fonternel, MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer.

He attributed their phenomenal growth in Internet customers with more than 1.6 million added to their expanding data footprint with superior speeds, unmatched airtime availability, affordable Internet dongles and bundles as well as their World-class Internet technologies supporting up to 100Mbps with 4G LTE.

“Since the beginning of the year, MTN has been the first in the market to introduce WiFi Hotspots, 42Mbps and 4G LTE. We also provide our customers with 15MB worth of Free Internet every month and we are constantly reaching out to our customers through various activations and great device deals,” Fonternel said.

“Many people are starting to use second screens, in addition to television, and therefore content previously limited to televisions now has to be delivered via Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and Mobiles. This requires high speed technologies like 3G+ and 4G LTE where MTN continues to lead the investment into infrastructure.” Fonternel explained.

MTN is significantly investing into Internet education and as part of this initiative is hosting MTN Expos across the country. The regional MTN Expos, with Gulu opening on 27th June 2013, brings services closer to its customers so that they can experience the power of the Internet and various technologies first hand. Aligned with the Government’s intentions to increase Internet penetration in Uganda, the regional MTN Expos create awareness for the vast opportunities available through the use of ICT as well as expose customers to the various affordable data plans and devices available from MTN including Feature Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Laptops, Internet Dongles and Routers.

MTN Uganda is the leading investor in technology with a planned investment of over $70million in 2013 to upgrade infrastructure and expand coverage to rural areas in addition to their $80million during 2012.

MTN is well known for its unmatched Internet coverage, speeds and innovation and during 2012 alone launched its own WiFi service called MTN Hot Spots, doubled their Internet speeds to become the first Uganda operator to launch 42Mbps and 4G LTE on its network.

“All these investments shows MTN’s commitment to continue providing services relevant to their current and future needs, and firmly positions MTN as a leader with a clear vision for the future; leading the way for others to follow.”

“Over the next five years, aligned with MTN’s vision, we will be leading the delivery of a bold, new Digital World which naturally means more connected customers to make their lives a whole lot brighter.” Fonternel concluded.