The “Extra Ordinary Night Life” Goes To Cayenne



………as fashion and cocktails excite Kampala’s party people.

One of the world’s number one vodkas, Smirnoff, today excited Kampala’s socialites and party people with a memorable ‘Night’ with a fashionable, sleek and elegant party at Cayenne a popular hang out in Kampala. Fashion and signature cocktails were the major highlights of the night as every guest treated to VIP red carpet feel and artist performances from Rema, Bobi Wine and Chameleon.

Speaking at the event, Smirnoff Brand Manager Phoebe Nakabazzi said, “Smirnoff delivers the hippest and unforgettable parties in the Kampala night life bringing the ultimate feel to party lovers.”

Smirnoff has taken Kampala nightlife a notch higher through the unique signature cocktail dubbed ‘Black Swagger” which demonstrates the style and easy mixabilty of Smirnoff Vodka.

“Smirnoff delivers not just a good party, but a great experience and this one has indeed lived up to its billing”, added Phoebe.

The event was well attended by Kampala’s socialites and musicians that included Chameleon and Bobi Wine who excited the crowd as they embraced at seeing each other. The Night is an event celebrating the unique night life experiences in Kampala. The party is a collection of ideas celebrating the newest, most extraordinary spectacles in the night life. The Night has created a platform that inspires a new generation to raise their expectations of what great night life looks, feels and tastes like.