Maurice Kirya to Perform on Big Brother Eviction Night This Sunday




Inexhaustible Mwooyo singer and RFI award winner Maurice Kirya will make an appearance on the Big Brother Live Eviction Stage this Sunday, 10th June.

Uganda’s Maurice Kirya is set to perform in Big Brother eviction grounds during the Live Eviction Show.

Maurice Kirya is a multiple award winning Ugandan artist that has been in the music industry for more than 10 years. He has won both local and international awards. His music ranges from RnB, Afrobeat, pop and Mwooyo his own genre creation. Mwooyo is Luganda word that means ‘The Soul’

Known for his enormous talent and unique style of Soul music that he refers to as “Mwooyo”, Maurice Kirya released his debut album in late 2009.

The Album was an instant success selling across different platforms including the world’s most popular commercial music distribution network iTunes.  Maurice’s music is also great demanded by the youthful market of social entertainment consumers on

His first album also won him the 2010 RFI Discoveries award beating over 500 Artists across Africa.

He toured over 35 Countries and 40 Cities across Africa, Europe and America last year, establishing his international fan base. He has also been featured in media outlets including BBC, CNN, Voice of America and RFI. He holds multiple accolades including PAM Awards (Uganda), an RFI Award (France), E-World Music Award (LA), Museke Music Award (New York), KORA Award, and KISIMA Award (Kenya).

Maurice Kirya is a brother to Uganda’s outstanding entertainer and singer Vampino Elvis.

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