DStv captures highlights of the AU 50th anniversary



On the 25th May in the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa, the AU declared that Africa’s 50 year past is history as it kicked off year-long celebrations commemorating the formation of the OAU/AU 50 years ago. The 2013 celebrations took place at a time when six of the fastest growing economies are in Africa and on the back of one of the worst economic crises for the West.
All eyes were on Africa as the rest of the world, Heads of States and dignitaries wished Africa well on its achievements in the last 50 years. As a partner of the OAU/AU 50th anniversary celebrations, MultiChoice Africa gave Africans for the first time in the history of the AU, an opportunity to see the organization in action and for Africans in the diaspora to be a part of its deliberations, bringing the AU to the level of the people and allowing Africans to own and take accountability for their contribution to the continent’s successes.
This weekend, DStv will be giving Africans an opportunity to relive those moments – in the comfort of their homes. Tune in to Africa Magic World on channel 155 on Saturday, 29 June at 16:00 CAT as Africa rewrites its own history. A history that will forge an African Renaissance shaped by Pan Africanism, embraced by the years ahead as the AU designs its agenda towards 2063.
The birth of the AU – 11 years ago – revisited at the 50th Anniversary celebrations, puts a new mantle on the shoulders of its leaders.
A repeat broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, 30 June at 09:00 and 15:00 CAT.