DKB and Zainab Kicked Out Of Stargame


DKB and Zainab have been disqualified from StarGame for contravening the violence rule.

The Sierra Leonean model and Ghanaian comedian engaged in an argument in the afternoon which resulted in violence. The Big Brother rules state clearly that; Any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the House immediately.

Having reviewed the footage, Big Brother has come to the following decision:
“DKB – you have been disqualified from the game for contravening the violence rule. You must pack your bags immediately, and take them to Storeroom. You must say goodbye to your Housemates and then leave the house through the Storeroom. DKB, leave the Diary Room immediately, and pack your bags,” Big Brother said.

To Zainab, Big Brother said; “having reviewed the footage very carefully, Big Brother can come to no other conclusion than that your provocation of DKB contributed substantively to the incident. For this reason, Big Brother has concluded that you have also been disqualified. Once DKB has left the House, you too will pack your bags and take them to the storeroom. You will then say goodbye to your Housemates, and leave through the storeroom.”
Zainab, Big Brother will let you know when you can leave the Glass House and go upstairs to pack your bags.


Meanwhile the week’s nominations were having the two as most nominated for eviction

Here are Upville’s nominations:
DKB – 5
Zainab – 3
Goldie – 2
Roki – 2
Maneta – 1
Barbz – 1
Lady May – 1
Prezzo – 1