Airtel Sponsors National Basket Ball League


This week, Airtel National Basketball League kicked off as FUBA announced a one year deal with Airtel Uganda to sponsor the league. Airtel is one the leading Telecommunication companies in Uganda. Among other partners for the National basketball League are Rwenzori Bottling Company, Castle Lite and Daily Monitor.  The new deal will cater for the Men’s division one and the Women’s league, each consisting of 12 teams.

According to sources, each of the12 teams will get two sets of jerseys, five balls and goodies from Airtel and other partners.

Airtel’s sponsorship for the league comes after 8 year sponsors for the competition ‘MTN’ withdrew their funding.

Meanwhile, FUBA is trying to look for partners to come on board for the Men’s second and third divisions whose total is 41 teams.

To confirm this, Airtel Page administrators on Facebook posted updates and photos  that read “NO WOLOKOSO: Yes Airtel Uganda is the Official Sponsor of the FUBA League. Everything is RED and WHITE here at YMCA as MUK Sparks and KIU RANGERS sweat and break their ankles for the ultimate winner….”

The game ended MUK SPARKS 22 vs 69 KIU RANGERS.

We hope for the best of this league through this sponsorship.