#IncludeEveryone: 5 Brands Nominated for #DIAA2019 Best Digital Customer Experience in Financial Services, Telecom, IT Sectors.


Customer Service was a very popular phrase a few years ago. However, it has since been frozen out and replaced by Customer Experience (CX).

Business Dictionary (www.businessdictionary.com ) defines Customer Experience as entirety of the interactions a customer has with a company and its products. “Understanding the customer experience is an integral part of customer relationship management. The overall experience reflects how the customer feels about the company and its offerings. Surveys, feedback forms and other data collection techniques help a company to determine the customer experience.”

Put differently, Customer Experience is a client’s journey with a brand or product or service with Customer Support being part of this journey.

Further; according to www.hotjar.com , the 6 things that cause bad customer experience are Long wait/response time, employees who don’t understand customers’ needs, unanswered/unresolved issues & questions, too much automation/ not enough human touch, nothing ( customers just love the brands), services that are not personalized and rude/angry employees.

Now that we know what customer experience is and what causes bad customer experience; we can comfortably give a verdict on which brand is offering the best digital customer experience in Uganda.

The #DIAA2019 Best Digital Customer Experience in Financial Services, Telecom and IT Sectors are Airtel, Centenary Bank, MTN Uganda, Stanbic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.