Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Fired Following Fake Computer Science Degree on His Resume



Over the first 2 weeks of May, 2012, Yahoo CEO has been in news, not for anything good but for a Fake Computer Science Degree on His Resume!   He is finally out; he is fired though a reason for resignation may be used to divert attention.  This is less that 6 months since he was hired.

Despite his proven experience and success as a former president of PayPal who took over YAHOO from Carol Bartz who was dismissed in September, the fake computer science degree on his resume has cost him the current job but more importantly his reputation.  Thompson claimed in his resume that he graduated with a degree in accounting and computer science in 1978 from Stonehill College. While the school confirms that Thompson does in fact have a degree in accounting, the school did not offer a computer science degree until 1983 — that’s five years after Thompson graduated.

Levinsohn, currently the global media head overseeing advertising across all of Yahoo is expect to be interim CEO.

For Ugandans and anyone that seeks to pursue a successful career, the key lesson from Scott Thompson fall is that never should you fake you resume. If you fake and get by now, it may and will cost you when it matters most. Scott Thompson fake degree is for over 20 years back and here it is costing him now in 2012.