Prezzo wants Goldie Kisses!



Suddenly begging for Goldie‘s kisses! Didn’t Prezzo say he was married?

Prezzo and Goldie are getting too close for comfort despite the fact that Prezzo has been bragging about his wife.  Just before midnight on Monday, Prezzo and Goldie cozied in the patio, giggling and promising each other trust amongst other things.

Prezzo felt he deserved a kiss from Goldie and when she gave him a quick perk on the cheek, Prezzo cried for more.

Meanwhile, nominated for possible eviction Sierra Leone Housemates reflected on their feelings pending Sunday’s Eviction Show.  While the rest of the Housemates were having a music session, singing out of tune to the guitar, Zainab and Dalphin were hung on Nominations.

Dalphin felt that Downville was rather funny now that she was nominated but Zainab differed. “I don’t feel any different. I want to be here but I want to see my boyfriend too so, either way, I’m down with it,” Zainab said.