Which Telecom Operator is Offering Better Data Services; HiPipo Survey, 2012 Second Quarter



In this day and age, data customers are searching for an enriched experience from the telecom providers. HiPipo.com as a leader in delivering Uganda content would love to see our visitors and fans have the best internet services in order to access all our services. The Uganda telecom operators such as Orange, Warid, Airtel, MTN and UTL are largely advertising enhanced data networks with some stating that they are offering 3.75G+. Essentially we would expect users of these services to have very fast data services, browsing & searching & reading email will happen in very few seconds, streaming of video would be to notch fast.

Despite the recent trends of the said improved networks, Quality of Service (QoS) that determines the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service is still said to derail Uganda operators.  Using a quarterly survey, HiPipo intends to measure the subjective satisfaction of you our visitor (you the telecom customer) from which we can base to recommend to our fans the better internet service to access HiPipo.com Services. We invite you to complete the survey below to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the data service you are currently using.   This survey is for the second quarter of 2012, April to June

1.       Which Operator’s Data Service are you using?

2.       Are you using a Data Bundle e.g 500MB, 1GB, 10GB or are you using UNLIMITED Package?

3.       How fast is Browsing & searching (e,g Google, News websites, HiPipo.com)

4.       How fast is Reading/sending e-Mails (e.g Yahoo, Gmail)

5.       How fast is Downloading music/photos (e.g from Facebook, HiPipo.com)

6.       How fast is Downloading and/or Streaming videos (e.g YouTube, HiPipo.com)

7.       How fast is Uploading music & photos

8.       How fast is Playing online games

9.       How fast is Audio and Video Chat e.g Skype

10.   Do you consider the service you get is worth the price you pay?

11.   Which Operator do you consider to offer the best internet data services?