User Social Media to help your job search




Everyone’s job search is different but traditionally networking has been one of the key leads to jobs.  In order to have focused networking and search for jobs pay attention to the following tips

1. Get Organized

Organization is key to staying on track (and on time!) in your job search. Keep track of places you’re interested in applying and what step you’re at in the application process.

2. Research

The best way to find openings and get hired is to be informed — very informed — about the company, industry and position for which you are applying. Research each and every company and position before applying, and be sure to brush up before an interview.

3. Be Social

Get on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Yes, social networks can help you snag a job. How? By correctly leveraging social media (in a professional way, of course –- no party pictures!), job seekers can establish themselves as thought leaders in their desired industry, network with professionals who may geographically be out of their reach, interact with companies that are hiring and establish their personal brand.

4. Network

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: Networking is absolutely, positively crucial to any job search. Sometimes, it’s all about who you know — and who knows you. Use social networks, local professional events and even social gatherings to increase your network and connect with relevant professionals.

5. Follow Up

When job searching, you can just fill out an application, submit it and wait to hear a response … right? Wrong! Following up is one of the most important steps in a job search..