British Airways Donates to Sanyu Baby’s Home as Corporate AAR Dispenses Medicare


October, 2012

On October 6th, 2012, British Airways in conjunction with AAR Health Services (U) made a visit to Sanyu Baby’s home where they ministered to the children. Among other items British Airways. donated baby books, diapers, clothes, feeding bottles, tissues, shoes, toys from and AAR provided vaccinations and free health services to the children.

British Airways country Commercial Manager Uganda Faith Chaitezvi said, ‘a One of British Airways objective is to create an impact in the lives of humanbeings. Children are looked at as priority and therefore reason our commitment to Sanyu baby’s home.’

She continued, “British Airways has Sanyu Baby’s home at heart. We are proud to contribute to the home on an annual basis and we know it makes a positive impact in the lives of the little ones and also gives them a sense of belonging.”

Also speaking at the event, Assistant General Manager operations AAR Health services (U) Grace Ssali Kiwanuka said, “Every child deserves a chance at life. Coming to Sanyu babies home from time to time is a way of ensuring that no child is forgotten. In line with our slogan, “your health is our priority, we invest heavily in health a reason as to why whenever we visit, and we provide a pediatric camp.”

Sanyu Baby’s home administrator Barbara Mutagubya, commended British Airways and AAR for their loyal services towards the home. “British Airways and AAR Health services have always fulfilled their commitment to Sanyu Baby’s home. They have kept loyal and provided for the children from time to time. We encourage that other organizations keep coming to give a hand in cleaning, laundry, feeding babies and giving the children company. It makes them feel apart of something.