Unilever heralds innovation with fastest stain removal formulation in Uganda



…OMO Fast Action is the fastest stain remover in the market

Unilever Uganda hastodaylaunched the fastest stain removal formulation in Uganda, OMO Fast Action, which is poised to ease consumers lives and significantly reduce the time spent doing laundry as Ugandans increasingly demand for innovative products.

Launched on the backdrop of meticulous research and trials, OMO Fast Actionis set to revolutionize the laundry experience for Ugandans as it is a detergent that not only removes stains in less than one minute but also is also gentle on the hands with a spectacular fragrance.

Peter Muchiri, Country Manager, Unilever Uganda hailed the new product as a great milestone for the company and a win for consumers and the country at large.

“We have been part of Ugandan families for sixty two years and we believe our customers deserve continuous innovation and a productthat makes their washing experience easy and enjoyable. The launch of OMO Fast Action reflects our dedication to achievingthis” said Mr. Muchiri.

He also expressed gratitude to the Government of Uganda and various stakeholders for their support to Unilever throughout its operations in the country maintaining it is the reason Unilever continuously seeks to innovate and meet customer.

The Chief Guest and Honorable Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga praised Unilever Uganda  for its continued efforts to provide Ugandans with high-quality products and thanked the Company for its contribution to both the economic and social development of the country.  

“Unilever Uganda has been our partner in the enhancement of Ugandan homes and businesses for over sixty years. To us and the families that have trusted them over the years, Unilever Uganda is more than a manufacturer of products. It is part of our families, our heritage and an enabler of better and easier living” said Rebecca Kadaga.

The new product launch event was attended by various stakeholders, including government officials, wholesalers and distributors across Uganda and Unilever staff from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Applauding the move, Unilver Uganda Marketing Manager, Diana Nabukenya, emphasized OMO’s belief in allowing children to grow through play and noted that OMO Fast Action will give mothers the confidence to allow their children to explore and play, without the worry of removing tough stains.

“The OMO tagline ‘Dirt is good’ sends out an important message to families that playing outdoors is an important part of a child’s growth and development process. It is how children learn, express their creativity and even bolster their immune systems.OMO Fast Action allows for peace of mind for mothers when their children play” said Ms. Nabukenya.

The colorful launch event featured several activities includinga Laundromat game, where guests were given the chance to put ‘OMO Fast Action’ to the test by washing clothes with stains. Guests who washed off the stains fastest were rewarded with various prizes. Entertainment from Moze Radio and Weasel, Ndere Troupe and Fun Factory crowned the evening.

OMO washing powder is a superior and quality soap powder that gives you value for your money. New OMO delivers maximum consumer satisfaction by delivering high performance stain-removal and cleaning abilities and a long lasting fragrance.

The new OMO is developed from breakthrough technologies and creates a product that gives consumers an unbeatable experience.