Uganda Telecom Revamps’ its website, Weldone!




For the last several years, I found it a shame for a company as big as Uganda telecom with enough cash, engineers, and IT experts to have a website that could only be equated to project of a first year IT student.  It was so poor in navigation lacked a clear structure and was hardly updated.  That is no more now since Uganda Telecom has of today(May 21st)  launched a new website based on WordPress Content Management System(CMS)  (Just  a few days after when we had run an article about CMSes that companies can use to improve their online presence)

A quick review of the new UTL website, the positives

1.       Very good branding

2.       Fast to load pages

3.       Uses WordPress CMS

4.       Very nice and light homepage slider

5.       Very nice and well positioned bottom slider

6.       Clear social media tools in the footer

7.       Very good footer menu

8.       Well positioned external links  at the top e.g link to mobile website (Mobile website may be lacking)


1.       There is redundant information such as definition of internet

2.       Navigation is a little mixed up at some sections .e .g a visitor does not easily get clear difference between business internet solutions and personal internet solutions while navigating.

3.       Social media link to YouTube is not right

4.       Contact Us is not the same Customer Care. It is conversion for websites to have a contact us menu or link but that is not the case with UTL’s new website. I had to search for contact us and when I did not find it I had to look under the Customer Care Menu.

5.       Very important:  Lacking information.  I could not find prices for their data package.

6.       Menu Order – May be UTL could reconsider the position of “About US”.

With those quick observations, we at HiPipo believe UTL has made a very good thing to improve their online presence and we commend the team for the job well done.