Two more Win Brazil Trip in Sip Sip Samba Promotion by Uganda Breweries Limited



A self-employed mother of one and a cesspool emptier truck operator are the latest winners of air tickets to Brazil courtesy of Uganda Breweries’ Limited’s on going Sip Sip Samba promotion.

Joan Namazzi and Edward Luzige won the all-expense paid trip to the South American nation having participated in the promotion that requires one to simply send a short code they find under the crown of Bell Lager, Tusker Lager, Tusker Malt and Guinness Lager to 6050.

In her own admission, Namazzi said she was surprised to receive a call announcing that she had won the trip to Brazil.

“I have been participating in this promotion since the Easter period. Prior to this I had only won some airtime worth UGX5,000. I somehow persisted even when I was not sure of the becoming a winner. So when I received that call, I just refused to believe.

“I even feared to answer any more phone calls fearing that conmen were after me. But here I am, I have my ticket. In fact I am only waiting for that day,” said an ecstatic Namazzi.

Edward Luzige on the other hand appeared calm and composed when the Sip Sip Samba followed him to his work place in Wa’nkoko, a Kampala Suburb.

Emerging from a seat that had four others perched onto a bench, a skeptical Luzigekept on asking so many questions probably trying to eliminate any loop holes so as to believe this Brazil story.

“Honestly, I participated in this promotion for fun. I believed that those people who have won before had insiders in the brewery and that is why they won. Now me here… as you can see the type of work I do, I am very excited to be a winner of this trip. I did not want to commence my pre-mature celebrations because I was not sure whether this was a prank or reality,” he said before drifting into uncontrolled fits of laughter.

Hugging whoever was in his vicinity, Luzige finally managed mutter out words in between chuckles, “I cannot believe I will be on a plane to Brazil. I am still recovering from this excitement. I will think about what I will do while there. For now, I am still celebrating.”

The two are the latest winners of an all-expense paid trip to Brazil, the land synonymous with fun, merry making, beauty and the famous Samba culture in the ongoing Sip Sip Samba Promotion by Uganda Breweries Limited.

The promotion will give forty Ugandans the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy the beautiful scenery that has become synonymous with this South American nation.

In addition to the trips, consumers also have the chance to win other prizes like instant cash as well as other customized memorabilia. 

To participate in the Sip Sip Samba promotion, customers have to buy a bottle of any of the four brands; Bell Lager, Guinness, Tusker Lager and Tusker Malt, check under the crown for a five-digit code then send an SMS with the code to 6050 for the chance to enter the weekly draw to win the trip. The more codes one sends, the higher their chances of winning.

The draws are carried out every Monday at 8:35pmonNTV Uganda to pick the winners of the cash award prize of UGX 100, 000 and tickets to Brazil.

The campaign will not only offer the most amazing prize of experiencing Brazil, it will also seek to reward those who will be here at home. There will be lots of prizes like free beer, instant cash via mobile money.”