Tech Jobs Are Not Just For the Tech Degree Holders



During the year 2004 as I searched for internship with one of the Telecom companies, in Uganda, I visited a Network Management Centers (NMC) of the Telecom Company. On my visit, I expected to find engineers and not marketing models. Well to my surprise I found this stunningly fashionable lady who could pass as a model or someone more fit for front end roles. She was an engineer and doing her job diligently. Latter when I learnt this model-engineer’s background; I discovered she had transitioned into a tech job from another discipline.    With or without a tech degree, you can get a tech job if you are committed to get one.   Of course most employers’ preference will first be for trained engineers of IT specialist but even someone coming from a typical arts background or marketing can transition into a tech job. HOW?

In a Mashable piece, 6 Ways to Get a Tech Job without a Tech Degree, Aaron Shapiro  CEO of Huge, gives some tips of how to get a tech job without a tech degree.  He advices, that you learn how the web works starting with HTML and JavaScript. He further advises that you start with a digital job in your current company by offering yourself to help where there is need for an internal company project.  He also encourages those interested in tech jobs to position themselves as innovators by creating or initiating new products, and become industry thought leaders though engaging in technical forums online and offline.

With time and commitment, following some of these tips, your chances of getting a tech job will be much brighter and soon it will happen just like the model-engineer I met at one of Uganda telecom operators NMC. Full Article, 6 Ways to Get a Tech Job without a Tech Degree