Seydou is a GIRL, Says Eve



It’s week two, three housemates have already left the house. Maneta moved to Upville! Julio, Hilda and Teclar unfortunately made their exit from the Big Brother StarGame house forever!

From the Diary Room:  “He’s a girl. He’s all up in girls’ businesses, he’s vain, he always looks at himself in the mirror, and he’s always fighting with girls. Most housemates are not happy with him. Who swears someone’s mother and slaps a girl and then boasts about it? Who says that? How old is he, 13? Big Brother should punish people for violence”, Eve said about Seydou.

Meanwhile the sisters Edith and Eve were emotional after fighting for the past couple of days. Eve has been very upset, as she says that Edith has been talking about her to the other Housemates. “She was drunk and told the Housemates that I have fake hair and a bad attitude and said other mean things. She’s my sister and still said that stuff about me. I would never do that to her. She can’t even say sorry to me.” Edith then apologised.

From UPVille, When asked about the differences between the two houses, Maneta said: “There’s less noise, less violence and drama, more food, hot water and my own big bed. It feels so good right now.”
She added that she however feels bored. “I’m getting bored of Upville. I’m a fun-loving, crazy person. I expect a bit of life in there. It’s boring me to death.”

Who is leaving the house this week?  Second eviction nights, on nomination are;

Dalphin; Sierra Leone

Zainab; Sierra Leone

Yadel; Liberia

Luke; Liberia