Nokia Leads in Mobile Ad Impression in Africa; Its Market share Declines!



According to the Inmobi report for the quarter ending February 2012, Nokia still leads in the mobile ad impression across Africa though it is important to observe that  Nokia’s market share of the ad impression declined from what it was for the previous quarter that ended November 2011.

Inmobi reports that it received 35 billion mobile adverts impression across Africa during the quarter.  Growth in Smartphone impressions saw an increase of 66% whereas overall growth was an increase of 45%.

The RIM BlackBerry 8520 was the handset with the larger share of impression, 7.7%.  RIM Market share of impression increased during the quarter.

The Manufacturer’s share of impressions was

1.       Nokia – 58%

2.       Samsung – 17%

3.       RIM – 12%

4.       Sony Ericson – 5%

5.       LG – 3%

6.     Other – 4%

We think the inmobi figures(see image) that show a decline in impression on Nokia devices signals the bigger problem that Nokia is about to face in the market it has lead for over a decade. What do you think?