Mountain Dew to celebrate 6 years in style



Mountain Dew, Uganda’s fastest growing soft drink brand on the market will this year mark six years of refreshing Ugandans.

Crown Beverages Limited, bottlers of Pepsi Cola, unveiled the soda in November 2008 in mainly 300ml bottles and has since had a tremendous growth in market share and volume since its inception.

“Mountain Dew has been a huge success in Uganda,” said Mr Innocent Tibayeita, the head of sales and marketing.

“The launch of Mountain Dew was as a result of our desire to offer our Ugandan customers a unique experience. For all the six years Mountain Dew has inspired youth in Uganda to live their lives to the fullest and seek out all the exhilaration the world has to offer. Mountain Dew recognises that youth are Bold, adventurous and daring. That’s why we offer them a soda like no other” Mr Tibayeita added.

Since its introduction, the soda has been driven by two key marketing thematic campaigns; Break-Out and Experience Extreme. These campaigns have been used to reinforce the brands message.

The huge success CBL has registered with Mountain Dew has led to Uganda being used by PepsiCo as a benchmark for any other launch in Africa. Uganda was the second African country after Nigeria to sell the citrus-based soda. Mountain Dew is currently available in over 150 countries worldwide.

CBL has spent more than Shs2 billion to promote Mountain Dew through various sponsorships like the National Motocross Championship, the Extreme Gamers Challenge, the most elite video gaming championship in Uganda, the Buzz Teeniez Awards and Leavers Rock, among others.

A series of exciting events have been lined up by the soda company to celebrate the achievement, starting this month.