Mazen Mroue; a Leader and a Friend



Written by: Karim Makumbi

It was an emotional moment when MTN Uganda staff were bidding farewell to their leader and a personal friend to many; Mazen Mroue.

I wrote this article with a lot of emotions considering that Mazen was not only my top most boss but also a unique friend that I would tweet or send an email anytime and he would respond as soon as he got a chance to.

Forget about those bosses that create a divide between them and their subordinates, Mazen is a people centered leader with a strong character mixed with love, diplomacy, patience and hardcore seriousness, call it persistence.

It is a combination of these factors that saw him meet his assignment targets, had his staff work tirelessly hard but at the same time stayed popular within and outside the company.

He joined MTN Uganda from MTN Liberia where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Mazen came at a time when MTN’s operation in Uganda was suffering from poor morale, low productivity and fraud. His success can be rooted to his diplomatic and down to earth approach to all challenges the company faced then.

He managed to freely interact with staff, getting to know their problems and debating with them possible solutions. Mazen made sure all concerns raised to him were addressed. He ensured his employees were fully engaged and their focus was the overall good of the company.

He created a flourishing work environment for us. In doing so, staff morale was boosted and a huge percentage backed and supported all his incentives. Many were able to work late and ensure that all assignments are done on time because they never wanted to let down a boss who had given a huge part of his little free time listening and advising them.

To the general public; he was available, actively involved and always willing to go out of his way to address a single subscriber concern. His active participation on Social Media is one thing that kept MTN as the top Ugandan brand on Social Media. It is not by mistake that right now, he is one of the most followed individuals by Ugandans on Twitter.

 I wish you the best at your new assignment: COO MTN-Irancell.