Citadel Capital Name change to Qalaa Holdings

Earlier this year, Citadel Capital transformed its business model from a private equity firm to an investment company that will focus on core subsidiaries in energy, cement, agrifoods, transportation and mining. As part of the transformation and to reflect our new corporate identity, from (23rd June  2014 ), the company will be known as Qalaa Holdings in the English language. Qalaa is a direct transliteration of the Arabic word for “citadel”; moreover, Qalaa has been the firm’s Arabic name since it was founded in 2004. 
The company will continue to be a long-term investor in Africa’s infrastructure and industrial sectors, helping build a better tomorrow for more than 1 billion citizens.
A formal launch of the new branding will be announced later this year. However, going forward please refer to the company by its new name Qalaa Holdings (previously known as Citadel Capital).