Janette Lutaaya and Duncan Kyle Represent Uganda for Big Brother Africa Stargame



As HiPipo.com had earlier reported, our suspicion has been confirmed! Even as many pointed to Natasha, it is Janette Lutaaya and Duncan Kyle to represent Uganda for Big Brother Africa Stargame.

Big Brother Africa Stargame, the biggest reality show in Africa kicked off headlined by American rapper J. Cole, and co-hosted by Channel O VJ and Capital FM Radio presenter, Flavia.

The show started with a high paced dance routine before J Cole took to the stage. IK revealed that this Season, Big Brother fans must standby for some excitement in the Downville Diner where fourteen couples will be. “In Downville Housemates will not be nominating each other,” IK revealed. What could Biggie have lined up for the unsuspecting Downville Housemates? New nomination system is done randomly by machines, so housemates will not nominate each other!

The VIP Upville House will be housing the seven celebrity housemates. Ghana’s DKB was the first VIP to enter was followed by Prezzo from Kenya, Lady May from Namibia, Goldie from Nigeria, Barbz from South Africa, Mampi from Zambia and Rocki from Zimbabwe.

DKB who promised that he will slap you if you slap him was asked if he was going to be faithful and said he will be very faithful to Big Brother but not his wife.

Prezzo from Kenya who was dressed in Masai style promised to be himself and said he had no strategy.

Lady May who came with a drum as her lover from Namibia says she wants to buy a house because she is tired of paying rent.

Goldie from Nigeria promised, so she will love herself for the 91 days since now one can love you more than yourself

Barbz from South Africa – A sexy model with killer curves she promised to be sexy. Yes SEXY

Musician Mampi from Zambia assured Africa that she will survive Africa for 91 days!

Rocky from Zimbabwe thinks break dancing will win him the 300,000.

Jannette and Kyle the housemates from Uganda will be in the Downville.

Flavia Tumusiime, Channel O VJ and Capital FM DJ is set to be the  first Ugandan and  East African to co-host   BIGBROTHER AFRICA Opening Ceremony.  It is expected that Flavia will be co-host with IK this Sunday, May 6, 2012 as the Stargame opens!

Big Brother StarGame will see pairs of entrants in addition to the 7 celebrity housemates that BBA announced earlier this week.  The cash prize for this season is 300,000 USD. 

We cannot wait for the 91 days of BBA to start.