Janette is a Virgin, Junia plans to kiss Malonza again



Big Brother Africa StarGame is amazing as it has always been.

Recently, Uganda’s own Janette Nalutaaya confessed to the friends that she is actually a virgin!

Contrary to this, she evens looks more of Kyle’s girl friend. Does he look like that guy who can spare her for even a day? Janette confessed to Ola and Chris that she is still a virgin.

DKB and Goldie are thinking of how to make the big money.  DKB talked to Goldie about the enormous opportunity they have to make money from this show.

Downville men are complaining about the supplies in the House. They had a long discussion of what they should do to have better supplies.

Meanwhile, Junia plans to kiss Malonza again. While having a chat with Jesica she told her that she actually enjoyed last time moment, let’s wait and see what she will do.

Remember that Tanzania’s Julio and Hilda plus Zimbabwe’s Teclar and Maneta were nominated and either of the pairs might be evicted soon.

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