Is Bing getting better or is it simply copying Google?



According to comScore January 2012, report Microsoft’s Bing’s share of the U.S. search was 15.2%, while Google’s share was 66.2%. Globally, Microsoft’s search market share was much lower at just 4.4% in 2011. 

Since time, when Bing was launched we at HiPipo found little love for Bing since it hardly had relevant results for HiPipo content. Its crawlers were always behind Google and seemed not to pick most of the recent content from our African/Ugandan Market. This appears to have significantly improved as of our last search.  A current may 2012, search of the term “HiPipo” on Bing shows about 32,300 RESULTS. Even as this figure is lower than Google’s over 128.000 results for the search of the same term, it is a significant improvement. Also the Bing search interface has become much cleaner and presenting sitelinks in a clear way.  Is Bing simply getting better on its own innovation or is it simply copying Google? Could be both!