Introducing Tots & Teens Magazine and Newspaper





You have heard of so much but I trust you have not seen something like Tots & Teens Magazine and Newspaper in the Ugandan market.

Tots and Teens Magazine and Newspaper is a brand new innovative publication that is aimed at creating educative, engaging and creative content for kids especially in schools around Uganda, presenting different issues, situations and life experiences, with lots of entertainment buzz!!

The idea and presentation of this magazine is only comparable to world class teens’ magazines such as M Magazine, Teen Ink, Discovery Girls, J-14, Popstar! , Girl’s Life, Twist, American Cheerleader, Seventeen and Teen Vogue among others.

Speaking to Rose Busingye the Managing Director Tots and Teens, she expressed excitement for the good reception the publication is receiving just after 3 releases.

She said, “People have shown interest in our publications, recently one Minister called us to secure monthly supply for copies of our monthly magazine to his family and school.”

Tots and Teens publications are targeted for schools and families. The Bi-weekly newspaper goes for UGX 1,500 and the Monthly Magazine costs UGX 5,000 per copy.

Back ground:

Tots & Teens Newspaper, “the children’s voice” is located at plot No 3, 8thstreet Industrial area Kampala. It is registered to produce literature for Children through a Magazine and Newspaper. 

It is designed to avail to Children a reading material that is Educational, aiming at grooming them to be better citizens.

Tots and teens news paper has professional staff who are deployed to produce the best material for children.


  • Providing a community forum for children’s issues and an advocacy to enhance child care and protection.
  • To provide information, education and a communication reading material for children and expose them to the right reading materials. 
  • Providing partners and advertisers with a high- readership newspaper material that will generate high return in relation to their missions. 
  • Providing a ‘voice’ for the children where they will express their opinions, views and creativity to enhance their participation in the social- economic development of their country.

Our Vision Statement.

Children empowered, protected, grow in wisdom, awareness and good life through children’s voice newspaper.

Mission Statement.

Producing the most accurate and interesting source of news for children that will adhere to high ethical, moral standardads and advocate for children’s rights, their responsibilities and participation.