lower-cost iPhone could be in the works





Sometime back we wrote an article stating that the next billion of Smartphone and Tablet users will be more price conscious. We added that if Apple iPad Mini is to find more education purposes with the second billion of mobile device users, Apple will need to devise ways of delivering quality at much more reduced price otherwise, the writing is on the wall that Android based devices will become the darling of the second billion of mobile users if prices are not checked for apple devices.

Mashable reports a rumor courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, which cites “people briefed on the matter.” that a lower-cost iPhone targeted at China and other emerging markets is on its way adding that Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it clear that the company views China as its second most-important geographic region. If the company wants to find major success in China, it might need to compete with a lower-priced offering.

Recent Apple introduced the iPad Mini witch Steve Jobs (RIP) had predicted would never succeed in the market but has been a success. With the reports about the lower cost iPhone in the pipeline, it will be good news for many middle class Africans that may desire the iPhone experience but are short of over 800 USD to cash out on a phone given as most phone purchases in Africa are straight cash out.

We await confirmation of this lower cost iPhone and if that happens in the near few years, many Africans will be glad to have a choice iPhone.