How to Treat Your Mom on this Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May. In Uganda, Mother’s day is celebrated in May.

You lived for months in her womb, knowing nothing that you would be become that great person you are today. You look so beautiful/handsome and very many people want to at least say hi too you thanks to the fact the she bore all the pain to have you.

Every one of us has a different kind of mother by character, appearance, understanding and love, so, your mother is your mom.

Your mother took time to raise you and she definitely played the biggest part in your making, you are now a star. What have you done to say thanks to that one of the kind lady?

Make Mother’s Day Count

There are plenty of ways to take care of your mom on this Mother’s Day, but there are a lot of the common suggestions, like buying flowers, don’t necessarily apply to all moms.  It’s up to you to think of how the make your mother’s day special and recognizable.

For instance, if your mom is an outdoorsy person who would love an all-day hike in beautiful weather, feel free to skip all the traditional advice and spend the whole day that way. Use your imagination. Take her to a pottery class, go for a concert, watch a mother’s movie away from home, visit the aviary, go to a musical you’d otherwise never be able to tolerate — any big gesture that shows you’re a considerate, attentive son/daughter who actually knows her interests. That said, here are some general rules that apply to pretty much all mothers for you to follow.

1) Make Something Personalized

What does your mom like most, shoes, clothes, jewelry, what could it be, you can spend very little cash but make so much sense to her. Think of something that is not commonly given out as a gift, you can move to a craft shop and make order for a branded bag, or pair of shoes.  Just be creative, think of something specially for her, you don’t need to explain its uniqueness, as she will see it with her eyes.

2) Cook Her A Meal

Whether you are male or female, staying with your mom or not, especially for this annual mothers’ day, take some time and prepare her a meal. Take away that pride and busy schedule you have, you can only do this when you still have your mother. So get to the kitchen, prepare the best meal you would wish for someone you love by heart. She will be so happy to receive that delicious meal. Remember you are doing this at no extra budget.

3) Plan Something For The Future

Ask your mom about where she would want to go and have fun. This must be asked on mother’s day. Whether she wants to go and watch the Ebonies, Bakayimbira, Afrigo Band, go to the museum, anything she may suggest. Don’t just suggest that you will go sometime, commit and make a clear date for that outing. She will be glad to accept; after all it’s her to suggest the place.

4) Treat Mom To Something Original

Most importantly, make sure you do something in your means. You might be very far by distance or far by the fact that you don’t really make up, but take the initiative to send her a message, call her and tell her something. Remember you a doing this for your mother, so you ought to be real and pure.

I am most sure this will work out for you this mothers’ day. Keep right on HiPipo 5Star for more amazing tips, expert analysis and social business and tech news.