How To Make Your Job Interviewer Forget About Everyone Else



A Job has never been anything and no one should lie to you. When you apply for a Job it’s because you need it and through it you will have personal satisfaction. First and most commonly you will be able to meet your needs, pay your bills because you earn something from that job.

In most cases, for one to acquire a job, they must first go through a Test(s)/Interview(s) in order for the employer to certify that you are actually the right individual to take on the job.

There is really no secret to getting a job if the following things are at play:

i) You’re qualified for the position.

ii) You’re confident that you could do the job.

iii) You are comfortable talking to strangers.

For most people with common sense, ‘i’ and ‘ii’ are must hold qualities.  Much as many might luck the confidence, but they know it by common sense that the first 2 are a must.  This does not rule out the fact that you can apply for a job ahead of your qualifications though these are rare cases. Unfortunately, for confidence, many people run into trouble.

Keeping that in mind, here are three very simple things anyone can do to impress an interviewer;

1. Be memorable, say or do something memorable — in a good way

If it were a technical interview, do something out the range of your interviewer expectations in a good way. Something that I rarely done by people of your qualification. It might be out of profession but clearly in line of your understanding and reasoning. You might say something about the company you applied to that the interviewer(s) don’t know about and would need to know even more. They will wonder how you got to know something they must know but don’t and will most probably want to know more things that you know and they don’t know and you’ll stand out.

2. Pay attention to every little Detail on your way in to the interview

Right from the main entrance of the interview venue, this will most probably be the company premises, apart from employers that hire interviewer agencies which carry out interview exercises wherever they wish. But look here, take notice of everything you see and the little details will help you understand the place and people you meet at the interview better.

They might be art paintings, flowers , company rules , motto, mission and vision pinned somewhere, read and look at them critically , get to know their colors , architecture  etc , you will get into the interview in a better position to answer as required. Make sure you don’t fear what you see.

Right in the middle of the interview , you can speak about a few of those details you saw on your way, make sure you don’t take much time on this and never talk about that amazing story you told your friends the previous night!

3. Research

How will you convince me when you know nothing about my life, character, likes and dislikes? You must be able to carry out extensive research about the company, your job requirements and any other important facts that will help you look different at the interview.

If you have the opportunity to know about the person to interview you, as well take some time to know more about them, their interests, career, when they think you know them and you truly know something good about them, they will be more comfortable with you and you will thus be at a leveled ground.

This is the most important tip you should follow before going for any interview. Research will help kill a lot of fear and you will have knowledge plus confidence to respond to all questions as asked.

Wish YOU the best.