How To Better Your Brain As You Get Of Age



Every aspect of your environment stimulates your brain, for better or worse. The sights, sounds, textures, aromas, tastes, and other sensations that you experience daily serve as nourishment for your mind and spirit.

Providentially, one of the simplest and most amusing things you can do to improve your mind as you age is to create a beautiful, positive, brain-enhancing environment. You don’t need to first see a doctor to get your brain perfect in shape, become your own doctor starting from now.

Key facts to note;

Frequent learning and reading help to keep your memory up to date.

Exercise and diet are key for more brain power

Always create a free brain enhancing environment and start up healthy relationships

Sleep, Naps and Meditation: Always have time to sleep as this helps to repair your memory capacity

Here’s a four-Great ideas plan to get you started:

1. Make Good Sound and Light as part of your daily living

With no doubt, Noise has a detrimental effect on your mind and body, but always pleasant sounds affect you in a positive way. Make effort as much as possible to eliminate pollutant, unnecessary and unpleasant sound. Equip yourself with good music that always carries great meaning, this will help you think more and better whenever you listen to that music.

Don’t just dance to beats that don’t make you think or feel any different. This will help you keep your brain in shape.

Light has a very great effect on Human body and mind. Bad/mutant light can not only change your body colour but also affect the way you think. Don’t sit in an office working or house watching TV 7 days a week.

At the least, take atleast 30 minutes of your time daily and stay on the sunlight, or natural light. Natural sunlight is the healthiest source of light. It contains a rainbow of wavelengths that influence your hormone production, metabolism and biological clock.

Without enough sunlight, the immune system is weakened, and many people experience depression.

2. Reconnect with Nature

Because you were born from IHK, it doesn’t mean that forests, the trees and general environment were not created to be part of you. Take some time away from those tall buildings in town, the gassy and noisy cars. You can even walk in bush as long as it is not dangerous. Get refreshed with the natural air and the beautiful natural scent from green plants. Human brains get refreshed this way and keep in good working condition as you get of age.

3. Enliven your Mind with Fresh Air

Along with harmonious sound and natural light, fresh air is another essential element for the long-term health of your body and mind. We may not be able to determine that quality of outdoor air given the fact that a lot of pollution goes on every minute by different individuals, but we can have a hand on the indoor air.

You can consider indoor air purification by setting up air purification systems or planting healthy house plants to keep you fresh in your house.

Bad/contaminated air does not only affect your digestive system but also affects your mind and weakens your memory capacity.

4. Cultivate Healthy Relationships and Stay Sexy!

Keep socially interactive, with friends and all those people around you. Have some time to read some news on, Chat with Friends on Facebook and Make video call on Skype, just for laughs.

Stress has never been good for your brain in the long run. Well as some people believe that they get to work better and achieve faster because of the influence of stress, these people end up losing so much mentally.

Start great relationships that make you smile deep from your heart. A Friend that never makes you happy is not a good one for your brain. Also mind the stories each of those friends are interested in. Don’t get your mind contaminated with failure and hate. Always have some love as this is a health way to keep you smiling and hence keep your brain in good working capacity as you get of age.

If you are socially interactive, then you will always keep younger and fresh in mind. “If you are socially engaged, you are at lower risk of dementia.” Said Valerie Crooks, D.S.W.

You need to have healthy romantic relationships. Live with people who touch you and make an impact on your body and mind. And if social interaction and touching are good for the aging brain, then sex must be golden! “Sex can extend your life.” Said Walter M. Bortz, M.D.

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