How Ready Are You For February 14th?



Valentines is just a few days from now and we are all running up and down preparing for it. I am sure you have brainstormed with your circles on the ideal place to celebrate from 14th February. I guess some have even gone digital by goggling the best spots to celebrate Valentine’s day and if I am to take a wild guess you have not found a spot or if you have spotted one they are either very far or very expensive to afford.

Hold on, I know a place that I think will answer all your questions and save you the hustle. Last year I and my Valentine Mary went to Sheraton Kampala Hotel to celebrate our new love and we really loved it. My Valentine Mary was blown away by how Sheraton made her feel and if you asked me what made Sheraton perfect for her was nothing farfetched but the lovely ambience, the delicious dinner and of course not forgetting that she was with a perfect gentleman by her side who knows how to treat lady. Every lady definitely loves to be pampered and treated like a princess and yes, I did that seamlessly to her. Just to paint the picture for you to understand what I mean, I simply replayed some soap opera scenes on that day; opened the car door for her, held her waist and generally behaved like Valentino… (Laughs)

You may be wondering why I chose Sheraton and not any other spot but the trick was very easy, it’s because it was pocket friendly. Let me break it down, it did not require me to travel far, I didn’t spend a lot on the sumptuous dinner and to make things even easier I bought my bouquet of roses at Sheraton and surprised my Valentine Mary shortly after our arrival.

“This is the best Valentine’s Day in my life.  I love the décor, the music, the flowers, the candles, the wine…oh my God everything is just perfect. “Mary commented with a smile ear to ear as she looked around then straight back into my eyes.