It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive; Save Nakayenga Allen



Nakayenga Allen is a 26 year old Ugandan mother, living with a rare case of Fistula named a High Ano-Fistula. Unlike the common Fistula cases that are repaired by the traditional vaginal Fistula operations, High Ano-Fistula can’t. Instead, this type of Fistula requires the use of a surgical technique called SETOM.

SETOM is time tested and used world over to repair High Ano-Fistula cases.  

Allen will need to undergo 3 SETOM operations spread between 6 months, with the first one planned for April, 2016.

The total cost of these operations is UGX 15 million. Unfortunately, Allen together with her family and friends, can’t raise the required 15 million. For the past 2 years, they have used all their little savings and earnings to treat this Fistula but with no success.

Allen is hopeful and upbeat that with the help of Friends and Good Hearted People, she will raise the required UGX 15 million and have the operations done. All her future is now dependent on these operations.

Please Support Allen by contributing any Funds you can towards her Hospital costs.

To contribute, please send Mobile Money to 0784 006 983 (MTN Customers) and 0758 786 607 (AIRTEL Customers). These numbers are registered under Publics Africa Communication, a firm that has volunteered to champion this campaign.

ALLEN is counting on YOU, ALLEN needs YOU. SUPPORT ALLEN!

Share with whoever you believe may help. Thank YOU!