Government Promises to Enforce Workman’s Compensation



Kampala, Uganda

The Government of Uganda through the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) is going to enforce the workman’s compensation act by the end of this year, Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka has said.

Workman’s compensation is an act that provides for compensation to workers for injuries suffered and diseases incurred in the course of their employment.

She also directed Insurance Regulatory Authority to work with Uganda Revenue Authority to warrant that marine goods in transit insurance policies are purchased locally. “This will ease claim settlements to Ugandans who face challenges of claim compensation from insurance companiesoverseas.” she said

Kiwanuka was presiding over the Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers annual insurers’ award gala held at Protea hotel last Thursday.

The overall winner was Jubilee insurance brokers followed by UAP Insurance.

Kiwanuka noted that insurance market penetration is still low in the region and there is need to devise new strategies to demystify insurance and take advantage of theamendments under the insurance act to cover micro-insurance. The government is also evaluating and quantifying proposals by the insurers to insure its assets.

Kiwanuka warned the insurance brokers against holding insurance premiums instead of remitting them to insurance firms. “Holding of premiums delay future claim settlement which can be detrimental to the insurance industry,settling of claims is cardinal to successful insurance industry and this builds a good image and reputation for the industry”. She said

She appealed to the brokers to ensure compliance with premiums collection guidelines that are issued by Insurance Regulatory Authority to avoid punitive action that could be costly.