Google+ Hangouts On Air: One reason to be on Google Plus



Google+, Google’s big push to social media has yet to gain fan boys in order to come anywhere close to taking away a share of Facebook’s supremacy. Apart from search related advantages brands may have with being actively on Google+, there is one good reason to be on Google+ and that reason is the Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Hangouts on air enable your brand to do live video broadcasts to unlimited viewers instantly and for free.  

Originally Google+ Hangouts, allowed you to video chat with up to 9 different people at once and now Google+ Hangouts on Air, lets you broadcast to an unlimited audience.   Google+ Hangouts is being rolled out around the world. By last check (May 2012), it was available to Kenya subscribers but not yet for Uganda though we hope it will be coming soon even to Ugandans.


Google+ Hangouts On Air

1.       Hangouts On Air allow you to publicly broadcast your Hangouts on YouTube and your Google+ stream for anyone to watch. When broadcasting, your video will stream live on your YouTube account and on your Google+ stream. This means you can share your YouTube URL with anyone who wants to watch your broadcast live.

2.       Live-Stream Your Hangout on Any Website. While in your Hangout, you can grab the YouTube video embed code and paste it into your blog or website to get more viewers and reach.

3.       Incorporate Google+ Apps ; Right now, you can use a number of applications like Google Docs, SlideShare and Cacoo to help you collaborate or present your ideas in video. This gives you the same functionality of hosting your own webinar at no cost.