Facebook Was Victim of ‘Sophisticated Attack’; Why Ugandans Need to Take Note!


Facebook issued a statement on Friday that it was hit with a “sophisticated attack” in January, but no user data was compromised. The attack was caused when Facebook employees visited a malicious website that installed malware onto their computers.

4 Years ago, such an attack may have passed the keen interest of Ugandans but it should not as of 2013. Many Ugandans and Ugandan companies are providing Facebook sensitive data and more critically payment information such as debit/credit card details in order for them to advertise on Facebook.

The implication of this is that any security breach of Facebook that may potentially lead to loss of user data can lead some Ugandan data including critical payment information to land in the wrong hands.

It is hence critical that Ugandans that are investing time and resource though advertising with Facebook should pay more interest to such security breaches and where needed act promptly to change to more secure passwords and set more privacy and security controls including setting Facebook to use SSL by default for user accounts that are transacting with Facebook.