Evictions: Three Evicted! Maneta Moves to the Posh Upville



Maneta moves to Upville! Julio, Hilda and Teclar unfortunately have made their exit from the Big Brother StarGame house forever!

Tonight, Big Brother StarGame (BBA7) Downville house has lost four housemates, and now Liberia and Sierra Leone have been randomly selected for eviction next week!

The Nominations are in for Sierra Leone Duo: Zainab and Dalphin, and Liberian Duo: Yadel and Luke. Who will be leaving the house next? Make your prediction right here and cast your vote to keep your favorite in the Big Brother StarGame show!

After a week of endless gossip, Big Brother house was finally put  off tension as 4 housemates left Downville; 3 leaving for their homes and 1 went to the posh Upville house.

Zimbabwe’s Princess of Zamunda – ‘Teclar’ – was unable to use her ‘royal powers’ to save herself from getting evicted. From Tanzania, Julio and the cheerful Hilda were evicted to catch the first plane to TZ, after only a week in the Stargame, so sad!

As Downille housemates gathered in the lounge, Maneta and Teclar were the first to be told to leave the Big Brother House.

Maneta simply made a dramatic beeline for the Eviction doors, telling Julio not to touch her, as he reached for a hug. Maneta knew nothing that she was about to upgrade to posh Upville.

Teclar was evicted leaving her fellow Zimbabwean not sure of her fate. A few minutes later, Maneta was gratified to know that she had been promoted to Upville.

Maneta, welcome to your new home!

With the Tanzania Duo evicted this leave Big Brother Stargame house with 2 East African duos from Uganda and Kenya.