Educational Games Coming to Africa



During my time in Europe which was somehow the earlier days of the Facebook revolution, I used to receive many invites by my European friends to play Farmville. I never found it that much fun as computer gaming has never really been my hobby. But then I tumbled upon a research about educational games, exploring how games can be strategically used for educational purposes, and showing a lot of possibilities in this domain. Indeed if well designed and developed for education purpose, playing and learning could be great for any child.

I have observed young children and how they swiftly adopt using mobile phones for games. These same mobile phones can now be used for learning where these children can play educational games. The African gaming market has started seeing players such as Maliyo a gaming firm aimed at creating culturally relevant content that reflects the lives of average Nigerians, and Afroes  which produces applications and content for young people containing powerful educational and social messages.

With a young breed of African innovators joining the gaming industry, I believe Africa is setting good ground to make the use of education games to develop the African brains that will play further role in Africa Development.