Does your company have a mobile communication portal?



SMS has not become irrelevant and will not in the near future, but leave alone that SMS database and the bulk SMS services that you make use of to send company updates, Christmas messages and news and think about mobile web/apps.  Your company needs to provide more room for communication and easy accessibility of company information to your clients and users through mobile web/apps.

Tech companies like Ericson, Huawei, MTN, Orange, Samsung to mention but a few are strategically delivering Smartphone and tablets for sale on the Uganda market. Despite of this, the end user has not  yet tapped into these gadgets full potential since many brands have not taken chance to make use of mobile web/apps in reaching their clients.

Even as use of these gadgets for some services has grown, we should note with concern that, these smart phones and tablets are not only sold for Facebook and Wikipedia access but your company/brand can also use the Smartphone penetration as an opportunity.

As the MD, CEO, Sales or Marketing manager, how would you feel when you found out that 10,000 users have your mobile portal as their browser homepage on their devices or have your brand app installed and made use of daily?

Uganda companies should make use of this flexible and cheap means of communication to deliver information to the people and keep brands interactive using mobile apps. Your users will share your content, promote your brand and eventually that interactivity will turn into action and hence cash.

Food for thought, recently, the entirely social “Microsoft Social Office 365”, “Your Office, Your Terms” campaign garnered 5.8 million overall campaign impressions and this was four times more traffic from social sharing than the typical Microsoft campaign. Majority of devices used in the campaign were mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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