Discover the Affordable, Super Fast, Airtel Internet


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Are you working on a minimal budget and need a high quality service for your internet, stress no more when Airtel internet is here for you.

I recently explored Airtel Uganda’s new internet offers and they are all amazingly cheap, flexible, coming with super fast 3.75G internet.

Airtel Mobile Broadband Internet gives you full Internet access and email on the move. You can instantly surf any website, download information, send and receive Email, access online Multimedia content (Photos, audios, videos) and Social Network with friends online platforms such as, Facebook, YouTube, twitter.

With Airtel internet, you can only pay for the amount of data volumes you like to use for a specific period of time either on your phone or modem.

This fast undiscovered internet service allows you the chat on instant messaging applications like Skype , Yahoo Messenger, Google talk and hangouts , Windows Live and so much more.

You can now Web browse on your laptop or computer using any of Airtel modems or your phone handset for only 500 UGX!!!

From 500 UGX you can access rich multimedia content like videos, audios ringtones, wallpapers among other content. 500 UGX gives you 60 MB worth of super fast Airtel data.

Airtel Internet bundles are categorized in daily, weekly and month subscriptions. Daily bundles go for 60MB, 500shs, 600MB, 5k and 1GB – 10k.

Airtel  Affordable Super Fast Daily Data Packages

500 SHS

1000 SHS

2000 SHS

5000 SHS

10,000 SHS






Have you used Airtel internet?  Try it out today and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.