Diamond Platnumz to Perform at Big Brother This Sunday


Tanzania’s Bongo Flava artiste, Naseeb Abdul popularly known as Diamond Platnumz will be performing Live at the Big Brother Eviction Show on Sunday May 27 at 20:00 CAT.

Popularly known as the king of Bongo Flava, Diamond became the first Tanzanian artist to be nominated for the MTV African Music Awards (MAMA) Brand New Act Award in 2010.

Diamond Platnumz also boasts of a number of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Music Awards and has been a sensation among both young and old fans for years now.

For the first time since Big Brother Africa StarGame kicked off 3 weeks ago, some members from the posh Upville house will be evicted or demoted to Downville.

The nominees for possible eviction are Lady May, Mampi or Maneta. Maneta previously escaped the first eviction from Downville during week one. Will she be lucky this time round?

We hope Diamond will put up an outstanding performance!

In other developments, Three Big brother housemates were caught Smoking in the Toilet yesterday!

It seems as though the Downville Diners don’t learn. Not long after Big Brother punished Seydou for microphone infringement by forcing him to find a needle in a haystack, some of them decided to smoke in the toilet.

Much as Big Brother’s House Rules state clearly that smoking in the House is prohibited, Head of House Keagan, Alex and Wati decided to act clever and hide in the toilet to steal a smoke.

Remember Big Brother can see everything as it happens in the house, but these members unfortunately forgot this fact. They were smoking at about midnight, a few moments after finishing the day’s task.

On their return to the bedroom, Edith was the first to blurb that there was a smoke smell but the culprits simply ignored her.

We can’t wait to know their next punishment!