Crown Beverages Launches Mirinda Green Apple




Kampala, Uganda.

In way to provide a variety of wonderful fruit soda choices to their consumers, Crown Beverages Limited the bottlers of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP and Mirinda, yesterday launched a brand new amazing, tasteful, fruitful Soda, “Mirinda Green Apple”. The variant comes to the market in a way to beef up Mirinda brand.

“Every two years, Crown Beverages introduces a new variant to give of customers quality and variety,” Bernadette Kizza; the Brand manager at the press launch held in Kampala.

Mirinda Green Apple comes with a real natural, sweet apple flavor that you will not find with any soda in Uganda. The soda is available in 300ml returnable glass bottles, 500ml and 1 Littre recyclable plastic bottles. The product officially went on market yesterday 28th March, nationwide.

“Mirinda Green Apple will reinforce brand Mirinda’s position as the consumers’ favorite soda, by giving consumers more fruity choices.” Said Paddy Muramiirah, the Acting CEO.

He added “Mirinda is the leading fruit based Soda, with about 22 percent of the soda market. We are deeply convinced that the addition of another popular Green Apple flavor will create yet another irresistible reason for our consumers to free their fun side of life, with a refreshing Mirinda Green Apple taste.”

Mirinda brand was introduced in Spain in the 1950’s with Mirinda Orange as the pioneer variant. Mirinda was acquired by PepsiCo in1970. The word Mirinda means “admirable” or “wonderful” in Esperanto. Today the brand has variants such as Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Pine Apple, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Mirinda Strawberry, Mirinda Raspberry and now Mirinda Green Apple, among others around the world.

 “We are convinced that our new variant will build on the great reputation Mirinda has created amongst our youthful fan-base.” Said Bernadette Kizza, Mirinda Brand Manager.

Kizza said that the new variant is being released within Mirinda’s new rallying call- Free Your Fun Side, a reminder to all Mirinda consumers about the brand’s key attributes.

Also present was Ivan Mutibwa, the Acting Head of Sales and Marketing.

Have you tasted Mirinda Green Apple? Get you bottle today and free your Fun Side as it is sweet, refreshing and energizing. Share your view about Mirinda Green Apple in the comment section below.

Mirinda Green Apple Gals having Fun , at Boda Boda