Boldly Beautiful: A Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.



Samsung Galaxy S6:

Irresistibly bold metallic beauty with a premium design! That’s what Samsung Galaxy S6 brings into your world. With a 5.1 inch screen and a metal band around the side split by strips of plastic to allow the antenna and other radios to make their connections, Galaxy S6 is compact yet elegant and feels very awesome and convenient to hold. The volume buttons on the left-hand side and the power button on the right are perfectly positioned; and the home button delivers a very solid click.

Taking a closer look at the design dynamics, the Samsung Galaxy S6, has a thickness of 6.8mm, weighs138g and packs a battery of 2550mAh.

The camera protrudes quite conveniently from the rear of the Galaxy S6 to allow for a higher power optical system and you’ll see in the camera section that it is very much worth it. The screen is characteristic of the brilliant screen technology that Samsung has always had and the Super AMOLED display offers clear, crisp whites against pure blacks, meaning even dark scenes are shown off perfectly.

The 5.1-inch display now packs more pixels than ever before – 1440 x 2560 in fact, which matches the Galaxy Note 4 but with a higher PPI of 577 – which means you’re looking at the sharpest display on the market. It arrives alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the two handsets share pretty much identical specs.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a striking handset! It is eye catching and if you are in love with beauty and aesthetics, it sure will make you weak in the knees. Samsung has brought your way a product that makes a strong statement about the awesome progression of Samsung‘s curved display technology. As soon as you pull the Galaxy S6 Edge out in public, everyone will sure want to have a piece of your phone.

Looking at its design, the S6 Edge has sweeping sides, a rounded metal frame and a premium appeal, with a beautifully curved front.

It provides awesome optimized video watching and the screen is clearly sharper than normal Full HD display.

The Super AMOLED technology makes the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge even more amazingly awesome with improved resolution.

The home button on the S6 Edge has been updated with a vastly improved fingerprint scanner and a sturdier construction, making it feel even more premium and resilient.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is very good and a huge leap forward from the Galaxy S5 and even the Galaxy Note Edge.

In all, both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are super awesome devices- a must have.


The S6 Edge is a fantastic looking handset with plenty of power and an impressive camera, but a high price, poor battery performance and sub-par edge screen features stop it from achieving perfection.

  • Premium, eye catching design
  • Fast, slick and powerful interface
  • Stunning camera. 

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