Big Brother Africa, 2 Evicted, 2 Upgrade to Upville


At the eviction night that was graced by a performance from Tanzanian Bongo Flava star A.Y, IK had to play his role and two Downville housemates were evicted as voted by the public.

First it was the Namibian duo of Junia and Jessica to come out the house, happy to arrive on stage, the two were taken through their past while in the reality house just before IK announced that Jessica had been evicted and Junia had to move and join Upville.

South Africa’s pair ‘Lee and Keagan’ was next, the guys who all looked scared of knowing what would happen were asked questions about this relationship with different girls in the house. From the pair, Lee was evicted and Keagan joined other Downville members like Keitta and Junia who earlier upgraded to Upville.

Only to be surprised, tonight, Upvillers paid little or no attention to any new member that joined the classy house. Junia and Keagan were not really welcome in the house.

If the behavior of the Upville members was not planned, then it is a serious strategy to prevent any new mate from staying in the house for so long.

After knowing this, who are you supporting in Big Brother Africa; share your views with us in the comments section below.

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