Barack Obama Sets New Retweet Record on Twitter


With more than 774,382 people retweets and at least 273,283 favorites, President Barack Obama’s “Four more years.” Tweet becomes the most viral post ever on

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TWITTER records were broken as a message from Barack Obama became the most retweeted ever on the social networking site.

The tweet ‘ Four more years.’ was accompanied by a photo of Obama and wife Michelle embracing each other after a convincing second term victory.

Barack ObamaFour more years twitter Post - Breaks World Retweet Record

The tweet came after Obama was announced winner yesterday morning over Republican contender Mitt Romney.

On Facebook, the same post “Four more years.” has at least 3,896,458 Likes, 538,449 Shares, and 188,799 comments.

His “Thank you.” Has 1,531,027 Likes, 58,942 Shares, and 55,289 Comments.

According to research, the previous record-holder was Justin Bieber, who received over 223,478 retweets and 100,657 favorites for his tribute to a young fan “Avalanna Routh” who died after a cancer battle. The tweet was “RIP Avalanna. i love you” post @justinbieber.

The post Avalanna’s profile “Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning. Oh Avalanna, the brightest star – you took our hearts with you, our greatest Love” The tweet gathered 59,569: Retweets, 18,261: Favorites. Avalanna died on Wed, Sep 26, 2012. She was 6 years.

Wendy’s  @Wendys had the most retweeted of 2011 posts. One Tweet by Wendy’s raised $50,000 for foster children. It now has at least 225,528 Retweets and 621 FAVORITES. The posts was “RT for a good cause. Each retweet sends 50¢ to help kids in foster care. #TreatItFwd”

The other highly retweeted post she had carried the same text and gathered 214,354 Retweets plus 546 Favorites.

The other posts in the top list come with 35,000 and 25,000 retweets respectively, are Lady Gaga who wrote “never be afraid to dream” and Taylor Swift who said “I’m so 22 right now.”

Congratulations President Barack Obama and Family, Africa is Proud of YOU!!