5 things YOU should not do on your first date



She looks so beautiful; you and everybody around you can see this. In fact, that richer Don close to you feels like passing over his Business card to her someway! But who told you she is uncomfortable with you? Why do you have to rush so much for something the heavenly belongs to you and you alone.

Unless if you just have plans to work out something with her for a night/day/party/week/month, but if not so, then make sure you take your time.

Why do have to do everything you would do in a year in only one day. You want to go shopping, watch a movie, take her to your friends, check you ATM balance, show her your classy apartment etc.. It is not worth it and, when you do this, you will have killed the would be love, that moment.

Here are 5 Mistakes that you should avoid on your first date;

1. Tell her your profession not your position

Women and security are inseparable, they want know they will happily live tomorrow and the next years with you. But this is not what they want to know about you first. On your first date, control your tongue and make sure you only say what is most necessary. Try to see how you can create a conversation about you and her. Let her know your profession if you wish so but not your position in that company. If you are a boss, she is not interested in your ‘Boss’ alias, be yourself and let her know you for you.

2. Don’t talk about family and best friends

You are the first and most important thing she wants to know about. Unless if she found you at a family party, with friends, this in not something you need to introduce to her on your first date. Make sure you take more time trying to know her and let her know you just a bit. Remember she is more interested in knowing you than you do.  Let her ask you about your friends, family etc if she so wishes.

3. No discussion beyond 1 Hour

If possible, carry an alarm clock in your bag, or set alarm on your phone. Besides, you can ask a friend, one you trust so much to call you in exactly 45 minutes time, let her know you are a busy and responsible guy. Make sure that friend doesn’t call you to speak about soccer, basketball. Use the remaining 15 or less minutes to conclude with her and say goodbye, if it is not too late, don’t spend more time with her trying to drop her home.

4. Your Future Plans and Money should be out of your talk?

If she is interested in YOUR money, then she must have seen that money aspect in you already before accepting that date. But hey, who told you whoever looks money actually has the flowing cheques. So then, take some time, don’t over rule the conversation selfishly talking about you, your future plans and money are things to talk about later on, so please make sure you strictly talk about love and your feelings.


5. You simply can’t Kiss her!

Where in the world did you get this idea? On first date, and you want to peck or kiss her, trust me you are just terrible. You might think you are winning her too fast but contrary to your belief, you are giving her reasons to let go of you as soon as she knows your bad side. If she belongs to you, then she definitely does, so don’t rush, you will get it all that you ever wanted from her.

I hope these tips will help you polish up, especially the single guys out there. Thanks for reading, remember to share this piece with your friends and leave your comment below.