2nd Evictions: Three Evicted! Zainab Moves to Upville


Tonight Seirra Leone’s Zainab survived eviction and upgraded to the classy Upville. On the other hand Dalphin her country mate, Luke, Yadel from Liberia were Evicted.

After an exhausting 2 weeks in Downville, Liberia is out of Big Brother StarGame. Sierra Leone lost Dalphin but still they have Zainab in the game.

As usual, the Housemates gathered in the lounge in anticipation of the fate of their Housemates.

Zainab and Dalphin were the first to be asked to leave the House. There were a lot of “I love yous” and hugs exchanged proving that the girls had made a mark on their Housemates.

Asked about her relationship with Seydou, Zainab said they don’t really hate each other but they just didn’t get along.

Dalphin said she enjoyed every moment in the House but she didn’t like how some people took advantage of each other.

Liberia’s Luke and Yadel were next in line and Luke couldn’t hold back his tears.

On stage, Yadel was asked if she’s still in a relationship and she said “I was and I hope I still am.” Dalphin was the first to be evicted followed by Yadel then Luke. At that point, Zainab was already in tears

Zainab welcome to the classy Upville, we hope you will keep up to the standards.